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What do you do in PumpkinOnline?


Pumpkin-Online aims to be multiplayer game where you can chose to play however you like. No pressure to do certain quests or activities, just have fun.


List of Activities you can do

Disclaimer: These are things we are doing our best to implement but are not 100% garaunteed.



Grow a wide variety of crops and trees. We have over 100
different crops in the game. Growing food is useful for quests,
errands, and recipes.



Raise many different types of animals to get animal products
such as dairy and wool. We plan to also have animal breeding
where you can breed animals that will give more products and
unlock different coat designs. 


Explore dark maze like mines for many different types of
gems ores and even fossils! We have over 70 different types
of ores and gems to discover.



Take the ores and gems from the mines to make jewelrygameplay2

and cool furniture to decorate with.



Use ingredients you've 

grown or bought to cook dishes to give
you a stamina boost or to charm your sweetheart. We have
hundreds of different recipes to discover and cook. 



Use wood to make a variety of different furnitures you can
use to decorate your home with. We have different types
of wood which affects the look of anything you build.



Fish in the rivers, lakes or ocean. Over 120 different types
of fish to catch and discover. They are also good for recipes. 




Craft and make cool clothes to wear. (Still in development)



Customize your character how you want:

Different body type (big, skinny, muscular,)

No gender restrictions on appearance or

even clothes. 


Customize your house and farm:

Choose which region and area you want to live in

Decorate the interior of your house as well as paint in differnet wallpapers.

Decorate and customize your farmland

Place your buildings where you want

Explore nature:

Gather herbs for cooking

Catch and collect bugs


Build NPC relationships:

Romance NPCs ro befriends them

Unlock NPC quests to learn about them

Many many NPCs all over the game world to discover


Socialize with players:

In multiplayer mode hang out and roleplay with friends. Players

will be free to create their own private servers too if they'd like.

Don't worry, if you don't know anyone we will have systems set 

up to easily find servers to join. 



Marry NPCs and have them move in

Have kids and watch them grow up.