Welcome to Pumpkin Online!

Pumpkin-Online is a multiplayer farming dating sim. It is a chill relaxing game where you can, craft various items, customize your own private farm and house go on various quests, interact on a deeper level with NPCs, all with friends or solo! We're still very early in development I hope you join our forums or follow us on one of our many social media sites. Thanks! 

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Latest News

April 30, 2016
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April 2016 Report

April Report 2016 Watch Latest Demo Video Here A couple of bugs slowed us down, but we're still making progress. We didn't get to develop a variety of things this time around because of some serious bugs which caused engine crashes and it was a complete…
March 30, 2016
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March 2016 Report

March Report 2016 Watch Latest Demo Video Here A bit of a break, but still working A couple of us took a bit of a break, so we don't have as many things to show off this time. However, what we did manage to get done is very important. Cooking and Crafting…
February 29, 2016
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February 2016 Report

February Report 2016 Watch Latest Demo Video Here Much work to be done, but progress is still good! Hey again guys. Progress is still going very well with no major problems or obstacles. Obviously there are bugs that crop up, but we try to fix those when we…
January 30, 2016
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January 2016 Report

January Report 2016 Watch Latest Demo Video Here Smooth Sailing Still! Hey guys! It's still been smooth sailing moving along in production in the New Year. We're working our hardest to get models made, animations done and systems in as soon as we can.…